Insurance Consultancy & Auditing

Africa Marine Surveys (Overseas) cvba is regularly being asked by Underwriters, Brokers, Traders & Receivers, P&I Clubs to conduct an assessment and audit of the risks involved on certain projects, trades or vessels.

Depending on the nature of the requested audit, we rely on our own in-house Master Mariners, Engineers, Maritime Lawyers and Marine Insurance Specialists.

Auditing of terminals
In this respect we conduct audits of terminals, including Oil Terminals, at which occasion we assess the entire Quality, Safety and Environmental Procedures and draft the required Procedure Manuals, including easy-to-use checklists for the terminal personnel.
This includes for an Oil Terminal ensuring it is operating according to the latest ISGOTT recommendations.

Audits include “real life” safety exercises when appropriate to check the availability of emergency services.


Condition Surveys of Vessels and warehouses
Africa Marine Surveys (Overseas) cvba is regularly being asked by its clients to perform conditions surveys of vessels, barges, craft and warehouses, to allow underwriters concerned to get a proper risk assessment.
These are performed by our in-house surveyors.
In case of special types of vessels, like LPG, Product or Crude Tankers, we will obtain the assistance of specialists in the field.

Examining the most appropriate means of Transport
Another type of audits concern the most appropriate means of transporting specific commodities, such as rice, coffee and cocoa. If possible, we will recommend the most appropriate means of transport, but if this choice is not open to the trader (e.g. when the shipping line only accepts containerized cargo), we will recommend for the imposed mode of transport the best possible means of safe transport.


Loss Prevention Plans
Last but not least, we also examine the risks associated with particular trades where losses are regularly recurring, allowing us to make a full analysis of the risks involved, their pattern and subsequently draft the necessary Loss Prevention Measures to help underwriters concerned to minimiz


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