Loss Prevention Plans

Based on past loss experience, Loss Prevention Plans will be tailor-made in order to assist the our Principals and / or their assureds to minimize losses during future shipments.

These Loss Prevention Measures concern:

  • specific requirements concerning the type of vessel to be used for a particular shipment
  • specific requirements as to loading and stowage on board of a particular (type of) cargo on board of a particular (type of) vessel
  • In case of Project cargo or Heavy-lifts, we will make a full lashing and stowage recommendation and supervision
  • specific requirements as to the necessary care to be given to the cargo during the voyage, such as ventilation and fumigations requirements
  • specific requirements concerning discharging methods to be used in the discharge port, including lifting gear, warehouse characteristics etc.
  • specific security measures concerning safe handling and storage of very valuable cargo‚Äôs, such as cigarettes, alcohol etc.

When required, official Loss Prevention Plans are made in conjunction with all parties concerned, each of them officially adhering to the Loss Prevention Plan.



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