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Africa Marine Surveys (Overseas) cvba :

General Information
• is a new and independent network of reliable Surveyors and Crisis Control Officers, working up to the standards of our clients, under supervision and guidance of Operations Control Center in Antwerp and our U.S. Liaison Office in New Orleans (Louisiana). The first preparations, set-up of the network and trial surveys go back as far as June 2000.
• was officially launched under the name Africa Marine Surveys (Overseas) cvba in June 2001
• is an Independent Belgian Registered company with private ownership
• the Staff consists of : Master Mariners, Marine Lawyers, Surveyors and Insurance Specialists
• The Network system allows to follow up the vessels in the various discharging ports all over Africa and by so doing, get a full and comprehensive picture of the discharging operations.
• has Full Professional Liability Insurance cover in place

Correct Reporting
Operations Control Center in Antwerp is in charge of all operations, and ensures that correct reporting is done. All reports from Africa are first being sent in draft to Operations Control Center (by e-mail) and only after correction by Operations Control Center the final reports will be published and sent to the clients. This guarantees that the reports are matching the quality control requirements imposed by Operations Control Center and which are laid down in our internal Quality Control System, known as our General Procedure Manual.

Remember : Incorrect reports = incorrect Claims Handling

Manipulated reports make a proper handling of the claims by our Principals impossible, whether P&I Clubs or Cargo Underwriters. It is our task as surveyors to properly and correctly inform our Principals about the true situation. We are the ears and eyes of our Principals on the ground. Without reliable information, our Principals cannot properly evaluate the merits of the claim, and may consequently embark in court actions which they would never have commenced or defended had they received correct reports from their surveyors.

Remember : Incorrect reports = incorrect Risk Assessment

Manipulated reports prevent our Principals from correctly assessing the true risks involved with these shipments. This is important for a proper calculation of the premium (whether cargo or P&I) and for working out Loss Prevention Recommendations towards the future to avoid recurrence of the damage.
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• mitigate damage in Crisis Control situations
On top of routine surveys, we also specialize in Crisis Control Interventions / Casualty Management. Incidents or accidents such as collisions, floodings of holds, groundings, fire, engine breakdowns etc. require immediate assistance on the ground in the casualty area by specialized people. Our Crisis Control Officers are either Master Mariners or Qualified Legal Claims Handlers or Specialised Surveyors.
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• draft Loss Prevention Reports for our clients
Based on damage and risk assessment and analysis, we will draft for our Principals comprehensive Loss Prevention Reports to avoid recurrence of the losses.
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