Reporting Procedure
The local surveyor must report on a daily basis (to O.C.C. / U.S. Liaison Office, his Area Manager & the Clients) :

  • the Eta of the vessel
  • the Berthing of the vessel /commencement of discharging
  • the Daily outturn figures as per requested tally points (hold, under tackle, entry port warehouse/receivers’ warehouse)
  • the Problems encountered during discharging (with digital pictures)
  • the Estimated loss/damage 3 or 4 working days prior to completion (to allow O.C.C. / clients to obtain security)
  • the Final outturn figures & final survey results

The final report: the local surveyor must:
Send by e-mail (or facsimile) a draft of his final report to his Area Manager and to O.C.C. / U.S. Liaison Office. The Area Manager and O.C.C. must check the draft reports and make all necessary amendments. The daily outturns / daily reports will be a valuable guideline to Operations Control Center to check the correctness of the final figures / results.


Only when the report (and its attachments) is approved by O.C.C., the final reports along with all attachments is sent to the clients.

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