Risk Management

At Africa Marine Surveys we realize that survey work is only part of the services we can provide to our Clients.
Therefore, we are conscious to also offer the below related Risk Management services.


Informing our Principals of the nature of the risks
Immediately related to cargo inspections and surveys, is the passing on of valuable information to our Principals, to allow them to better understand and appreciate the risks they are covering.
We have good local knowledge of the situation in the various discharge ports, both technical and legal. Therefore we do advise our Principals on local features that may directly impact on the risks which they are insuring, such as the quality of the port, of the stevedores, of the available equipment, warehouses and trucks.
Therefore, we make recommendations to limit these risks, or at least we give the necessary information to our clients to enable them to better evaluate and therefore better quote for the requested insurance cover.


Loss Prevention Measures
This may imply pre-cover inspections of vessels, warehouses, port conditions, stevedore equipment etc. Also, we conduct Pre-shipment inspections of vessels and cargo to be shipped.
With Heavy-Lift equipments, we will draft full lashing and stowage recommendations and supervisions.
Eventually, we may draft a Loss Prevention Plan which underwriters may decide to impose as a condition or warranty of the insurance cover.

Safeguarding Recovery Actions
Simultaneously, we will recommend our Principals how to best possibly safeguard their recovery actions against any potentially responsible party, by :

  • Issuing Letters of Protest;
  • Organizing joint surveys with the P&I Club, the Stevedores, the Receivers, the Charterers etc.
  • Taking all necessary steps to obtain Letters of Undertaking from the Shipowners or their P&I Clubs
  • Obtaining security from the responsible stevedores or their Liability Underwriters


General Average and Salvage Securities
We also issue our personal General Average and Salvage Securities for and on behalf of our Principals. This has following advantages :

  • Immediate posting of the requested personal General Average or Salvage Guarantees avoids detention of vessels and / or their cargoes, especially over the week-end;
  • no need for expensive bank guarantees or insurance bonds to be put in place;
  • supervision of the General Average Adjustment

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