Cargo surveys

• Pre-shipment inspections of cargoes, especially coffee, cocoa, shea-nuts.
• Lashing and Stowage recommendations and supervisions, especially for Project Cargoes and Heavy-Lifts
• Pre-trip inspections of containers
• Supervision of loading, stuffing and lashing of cargo in containers and on board of ships, particularly for high value cargo such as cocoa, coffee, shea-nuts etc.
• Supervision of discharging operations, including minimizing handling damage and theft
• Draft surveys during loading and / or discharging operations
• Warehouse inspections
• Professional and independent tally surveys in the hold, under tackle and in warehouse
• Loss prevention services, especially for bonded goods
• Investigation of causes and circumstances of losses, damage or mysterious disappearance
• Establishing the amount of the loss and / or damage, including reconditioning of damaged cargo and / or packing, collecting and selling sweepings, organizing salvage sales etc.

Hull and Machinery Surveys

• Hull and Machinery inspections and surveys, including heavy weather, collisions & contact damage investigations
• Energy surveys
• Technical and legal investigations concerning groundings, collisions, fires, salvage, general average etc.
• Advising on availability of tugs and divers
• Advising on availability of shipyards, dry-docks and repair facilities
• Follow-up of repairs

Reporting on Surveys
Africa Marine Surveys (Overseas) cvba provides :

• Daily information to clients, direct from the local surveyor and via Operations Control Center where daily reports are checked on correctness and commented to clients
• Latest technology allows for reporting “in real time” from the Casualty Area
• Operations Control Center will advise clients on urgent measures which may be necessary (e.g. appointment of a court surveyor or sending a Crisis Control Officer to the casualty area.
• Operations Control Center will give legal advise to the clients
• Operations Control Center will assist clients in obtaining security for their recovery action


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